Using botanicals as API in the development of therapeutics requires standardizing the botanical material at the plant level or as early as at seed level. Optimizing the yield, maintaining biochemical consistency while maintaining cost-efficiency are common agronomic related challenges that developers and manufacturers of botanical drugs are facing. 

In over 15 years, Se-cure‘s scientists have developed agro-technologies for non-genetic standardization of botanical raw materials grown in different agro-climatic areas, alongside technologies for maintaining consistency of the botanic raw material. Grown in conventional agricultural settings, the botanic raw materials Se-cure uses are extracted from plants that are breeded under rigorous controls. Scientific data is used for optimizing the planting density, fertilization practices and planting procedures in order to maintain highest quality.

Maintaining the original bio-chemical properties of the botanical source intact is vital for optimal safety and efficacy of the botanical API.  Using proprietary agro-technologies, Se-cure exploits the original botanic material as found in the plant without genetically altering its properties. Such practices preserve the natural physiological mechanisms of action of the API, allowing multiple entities to act differently in different target tissues in order to achieve the desired selective therapeutic effect.   

Agro-technologies are core competencies of the company. The agro-technology platform, sources and know-how developed by Se-cure support in-progress product development programs, while serving as a botanical R&D platform for future drug candidates.

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