SC106 - Burn Management

According to the American Burn Association, 500,000 cases of burns are handled by professional service providers each year in the United States, of whom about 40,000 are hospitalized.  The number of minor and medium burns treated by US health and emergency services is estimated to be 2 million cases per year.

An undesired common phenomenon in cases of burns is the formation of Stasis (cessation of blood flow) around the area of the burn, which occurs for the most part in events of 2nd degree burns extending over a large area and in all 3rd degree burns. The scientific explanation for this phenomenon is that this is a natural process in which the body recognizes the wound of the burn injury as a significant potential risk. For this reason, the skin tissue mortality becomes twice the area of the burn itself, creating significant damage beyond the original burn tissue injury, which occurred (sometimes even a life-threatening situation).

An initial animal model study by the company has demonstrated that SC106 was found effective in treating burns. The findings of the study showed that the SC106, while applied topically had a positive effect on the wound area burn.

SC106 is planned to be implemented in two product categories:

A consumer product, an ointment for the treatment of 1st and moderate 2nd degree burns, intended for domestic and institutional lay use. This product is anticipated to be adequate for the botanical drug clearance track.

A professional product, intended for the treatment of severe 2nd and 3rd degree burns. This application may require a clearance route as a treatment for collateral and secondary damage of severe 2nd and 3rd degree burns. 

The company is exploring both topical and intravenous application of the drug.

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